Store Affiliates

This is the affiliates section of this store. If you are an existing affiliate, please log in to access your control panel.

If you are not an affiliate, but wish to become one, you will need to apply. To apply, you must be a registered user on this blog. If you have an existing account on this blog, please log in. If not, please register.



  • You need to have an eSewa account. Currently we pay affiliate commissions only through eSewa.
  • You need to have a good website or a blog or daily updating social media account(Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, etc).
  • You shouldn’t use your own affiliate links to purchase software from us. If such a practice is noticed your account will be terminated immediately.
  • To get paid the affiliate must earn a minimum of Rs.1000. Payments are made at the end of the month if the commission reaches the minimum payment threshold. If the commission earned is less than Rs.1000 at the end of the month it will be carried forward to your earnings in the next month.



  • We use cookies to track people who have clicked on your affiliate link, so they must have cookies enabled.
  • If a person clears their cookies, we will no longer be able to track them.
  • Cookies will be stored for a period of 30 days. If they visit our site through your affiliate link and then make a purchase within 30 days you will earn a commission.

Become an Affiliate!!!

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